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In memory and deep gratitude for all of the sacrifices made in the name of serving and protecting.

I am so free, thanks to the selflessness of many men and women who have died serving our great country. While I do not know what it is like to have a husband who is deployed, possibly on the front lines, I do know what it is like to be humbled by being married to a man who rushed in where so many rush out. I definitely tip my Fire Wife hat to those who have had to live through having a husband, wife or anyone for that matter, on the front lines but it is my heart that I tip to those who came back home one last time under the stars and stripes. That is something that I can only imagine.

The photos that emerge this time of year are deeply heart wrenching. Some are pretty harsh but we need harsh. Some of us need a wake up call. Some of us need to take the time to be at least a tad be thankful.

Memorial Day is a holiday to remember the men and women who have died serving their country.  I can only hope their families feel more pride than pain.  My wish is that they could feel all of the thankful hearts and love being sent their way.  There is and will always be an American Flag gracing the front of my house.  Proud of my country and our most selfless protectors.

All gave some and some gave all.
And I thank you.

Enjoy the weekend but remember what it is for.