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It’s me!  I’m like a stranger to this place.
It’s been a little hit and miss lately.
That is ok though, sporadic is my life!

My new season of life is so much better than that dark cloud I saw in the distance. I’m actually really enjoying myself!  I’ve got a long list of things “To Do” and am working from home.  Enjoying the kid free time when my fireman is off duty.  That is likely my favorite part.

Ok, so we all know that IS my favorite part.  We’ve got a fall garden started.  Lots of plans and lists of our own to do outside to go with my To Dos for inside.

Some fire wives don’t know what to do with themselves when alone.  They don’t sleep well.  They worry.  Man…….. I am so glad I do not have to live like that.  I only wish I knew what the trick was to turn those things off so that I could share that with every last one who needs it.  How awesome would it be to hold that information?  Its just how my brain works, I don’t worry.  I do however gnaw my nails, start a lot of projects that I do not finish, can’t sit still and have a vivid imagination that sometimes causes me to daydream and on occasion I may talk out loud.

Maybe when my list starts to dwindle I’ll have more time to be here.  Maybe not.  Who knows… like I said, my life is so sporadic!