The Girl.

I don’t guess I can really even call myself a girl anymore. I’m 30-something and have so many gray hairs that I am starting to get a complex about them. Seriously, I’m not talking one here and there, I’m talking people pointing out the fact that I am prematurely graying. My husband however, shaves his head bald, and I like it. I’ve been married to the love of my life since 2008. He is 4 years, 4 months, and one day younger than I am. I count the months and days because during certain parts of the year he is 5 years younger than I am. I didn’t rob the cradle, he was 20 when we met and 21 when we started dating. We both come from strange childhoods and failed relationships. We are weird, like Star Trek, The A-Team and Miami Vice watching weird. Always old war movies or anything historical. We’d kill to go to Ireland. Um, let’s forget I said that. DORKS, yes. Nerds? No, nerds are smart teeheee.  We have two children. Both of which he claims, one of which he didn’t help create. They are both girls, ages 4 and almost a teen. Being a fire family is all they really know and I am finally used to it. Being used to it does not mean I like it all the time.
I started writing because I needed an outlet. I have next to zero real life friends. Some would argue that fact, but no one has been to my house that isn’t related to me in quite possible a year. Kids birthday parties do not count. I have no one I can complain about the fire life to because even if I manage to find someone to tell, they don’t even understand. They don’t get it. They all have way more help and support than I do. NO ONE volunteers to keep my kids, and mean it. I have to almost beg or pay for a babysitter, and that is from family. If I trade babysitting, I always give more than I get. See a pattern here? I’m the only one I can trust to take care of anything, and that includes myself. My Firefighter is my BEST FRIEND, whether he likes it or not! He is all I have. Oddly, he doesn’t even have the “friends of convenience” like I do. He has zip. So. I’m his BFF by default. Poor guy, good thing he loves me.
Fire life is hard on all of us. It’s very rewarding though. And we’re very proud, while remaining humble.  He volunteered for years before becoming a paid FF.  I worked up until a little over two years ago, now I am a SAHM, working part-time from home for   It takes special people, who know that there has to be give and take, to make this work. You’ll read about me complaining about how things work. Missed family functions. Last minute call ins. Great calls with awesome saves. Tragedy. Pride. Everything related to being married to an American Hero, A FIREFIGHTER! Jason Mraz has the perfect song for me. I won’t give up. No matter how things go or how much one of us bottle in, God know’s we’re worth it.

I’m in this for the long haul, I’m FULLY INVOLVED!


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