The Mission



There is a mission at the center of my heart.  One that come into my life when I was feeling like the only lonely fire wife.  I found Firefighter WIfe on Facebook. It is a public Facebook page and I saw a post about a private group for the wives (GFs and Finaces) and so I joined. Around a hundred had already joined and within weeks, it was jam-packed! I wound up joining the panel of admins and the mission is perfect and is what keeps me going.  We moved away from a free group into a payment membership to better serve the mission.  We now have over 500 members and several programs, activities and special offers just for the ladies of the Fire Wife Sisterhood membership.  We have several programs that are on going and a few that are new and expanding!  It is also what brought me to accept my internet job, that I love because I can work from home with my kids and in my PJS! Ok, so that isn’t in the mission but it sure is comfy!  The mission is one of a kind as we are the only known membership with the benefits of its kind.  I invite all you ladies reading to try it out!

The mission, short and sweet is simply this…. LESS DIVORCE, STRONGER FIRE WIVES. Yes. Stronger Fire Wives mean stronger marriages and stronger firefighters. We’d love to say BYE BYE to the 75% divorce rate in the fire service. The links below take you to a few of the important places of and FYI, paid membership comes with a 10 day free trial.  Cancel before the end of your trial if you don’t find it fitting for you… stay with us for a while if it does.  Memberships start at as little as $5/month depending on your desired option.

The Mission -+- Main -+- Firefighter Marriage

The Fire Wife Sisterhood  -+-  Help for a Crisis



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